November 11, 2015

Hope all is well with everyone! Happy Veteran's Day! Hailey and Michelle, the new curators are working so hard this week to get the rest of the trunks shipped back to their owners. There are about 7 trunks that are in the process of being shipped home. If you have not received your item back yet, it is coming soon!

The new curators are:

Hailey Hoffman

Michelle Florez



2016 Hoffman Challenge
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June 30, 2016

Traveling Trunks and Exhibits Information
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LightHoffman Challenge 2016 Fabric N4240 132 Opal

Hoffman Challenge 2016 Fabric N4240 213-Onyx

For shipping entries in, please use:

We have for your enjoyment,The Hoffman Challenge Collection 2015. This printed catalog will have photos and information about each of the items traveling in the collection in 2015. It will be mailed out by late September, 2015.
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