Thank you for requesting one or more of the Traveling Collection Exhibits. Please read the following:

Started in 1988, the Hoffman Challenge has grown to be a premiere traveling quilt, clothing, and doll collection. The quality of entries and a growing number of exhibit requests have led us to establish additional traveling collections. Currently, twelve collections travel coast-to-coast within the USA and to several Canadian locations. Although we make every attempt to honor all requests, we frequently get more than we can accommodate. Subsequently, requests are scheduled on a first come/first serve basis.

We now accept requests for all future Hoffman Challenge Exhibits (fees are subject to change). We will begin finalizing each year's schedule the previous May or June, but will attempt to provide you with confirmation as soon as we receive your request. Additional requests received after May will be accepted space permitting. Do not wait to submit your requests! Submit as soon as your exhibit dates are established! We assume we will have a certain number of trunks (currently 12), but this is subject to change due to the number of entries received in August.

Please be sure you use the current traveling schedule when shipping. We will update the website with changes as frequently as possible. Each exhibit will begin to travel in September, and will continue through October of the following year.

IMPORTANT: You must check the schedule frequently, especially prior to shipping your exhibitor to the next location!  The schedules are continually being adjusted, so assume changes are made weekly!  Failure to send the exhibit to the proper location will require you to pay for the missed exhibit and any shipping costs incurred in correcting the problem.

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