2012 Hoffman Challenge

2012 Fabric and Coordinates

Hoffman Challenge 2012 Fabric J8670 Lavender #70

Suggested Coordinates for 2012:
Lavender #70
Lavender #70
Lavender #70
Lavender #70
Lavender #70
Lavender/Pearl #70P
Pink/Pearl #12P
Purple/Pearl #14P
Sand/Pearl #62P
White/Pearl #3P

How the Challenge Fabric is Selected

Selecting the fabrics for the annual Hoffman Challenge is a challenge in itself! Although all of the Hoffman Fabrics are famously inspirational, we must narrow the selection.

Some of the criteria used are:

A. None of the famous Hoffman batiks can be chosen for the primary challenge fabric, as these fabrics are handmade by individual artists, and no two yards are exactly the same. Since these fabrics are manufactured in other countries, weather and shipping issues can make availability somewhat unpredictable, so even though we love 'em, at this point we can't use them as our primary challenge fabric. We do, however, encourage you to use them in your entry!
B. The fabric has to be newly designed, never seen, and specifically released for the challenge.
C. We review the fabrics used in past challenges, and attempt to choose a totally new style and look. Because Hoffman is famous for its very high quality multiple colored fabrics, chances are the challenge fabric will have numerous rich colors and shades, providing endless opportunities for all involved to choose coordinates and companion fabrics. To see all of the past challenge fabrics, Click Here.
D. Potential uses of the fabric are discussed. This is a challenge, remember? We consider how the fabric will look when it's cut and incorporated with other fabrics in clothing, quilts, dolls and accessories. We think about use of both little bitty pieces, and large sections of the fabric. When the entries begin to arrive, we never cease to be amazed how the challenge items use the fabrics in wonderful ways we could never have imagined!
E. A highly sophisticated selection process takes place over sandwiches and chocolate, and when the preliminary designs look just right on paper, sample "strike offs" are made to see how the design looks on actual fabric. If these are as beautiful as we expect, the fabric is announced to all.  
F. The selected fabric is then released with applications to shops around the world. Even though the process of selection was highly scientific, everyone feels obligated to put in their two cents! The opinions and advice are carefully weighed, but like we said, this is a challenge! It’s impossible to please everyone, but since the challenge uses Hoffman fabrics, you know that no matter what fabric is selected, it’s one of the best!

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